Monday, April 30, 2007

Emily and Dan - April 28, 2007

Emily and Dan's reception took place at the Butler Country Club. This was my first time at the BCC and hopefully not the last. Emily had the ball room decorated beautifully. Here's a couple pictures I took before the guest came in.

The tall center pieces are perfect for weddings. It allows your guest to see around the entire table and spark up conversation with the guest on the other side.
I have been to many weddings where the flowers are right in front of your eyes when you sit down. This cuts/limits conversation with the guest sitting across from you.

Emily, Dan and the Bridal Party snuck into the ballroom during cocktails for a quick look and some pictures. They hirred Paul Prince from Thomas and Thomas Photography in Cleveland. (Cocktails took place in the foyer) The ballroom, but more so Emily's lovely cake brought tears of joy and happiness to her eyes. It's a moment that I will always remember. Autumn Bupp from Autumn's Cakes designed and made Emily's cake. Sadly, I do not have any pictures of her cake though. :(
After dinner was served we started into the formality dances. Emily's father gave her a strand of white pearls before they started the Father/ Daughter Dance. He told me it was an old family tradition that he wanted to keep alive.
Once the formalities were done and we opened the dance floor up to everyone, there wasn't a time the dance floor was empty the entire night. I had many request through out the night. When guest request songs, it gives me a little one on one interaction with them and lets me know the style of music they are looking for.
I also had several of their guest and even a couple groomsmen compliment the sound coming from the Bose speakers.
Once again I would like to congratulate Emily and Dan. I am sure our paths with cross again in the future.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Heather Lahtinen / Joanne Bartone

I have not had a chance to work with Heather yet, but I did work with her close friend Joanne Bartone last October. (Make sure you check out their combined efforts at, Element Of Love.)

Joanne and I chatted several times via email before the wedding though. She was so impressed with the style of music and the seamless song transitions at the wedding she apparently called Heather while driving home after the event! LOL. Since then, Joanne and I have became friends. Joanne gave me some shots of the wedding we worked together for my new website. Make sure you check out her gallery.

I started to chat with Heather via email after the event I worked with Joanne. Last week Heather was telling me about a Photo Shop Class she is teaching on April 28th. Heather emailed me a link to an eBay auction that was selling a "junk" microphone and speaker she was considering purchasing. No way could I let that happen! So my fiancée Heather and I drove down yesterday to let Heather borrow a speaker and microphone. This was the first time I personally met Heather and was also lucky enough meet her husband and beautiful daughter. We had a great time; ate lunch, chatted, laughed together and laughed at each other. LOL

After lunch Heather was kind enough to take some great shots of us. This took us both by surprise! I didn't expect nor wanted anything in return besides great conversation over lunch.

Before we got home there was two pictures sitting in my email. I think it was just a tease though. :) I love this picture! For me to say this is a huge ordeal. I personally don't think I take very good pictures at all. Heather made it so comfortable and FUN to get our pictures taken.
I can't wait to see the other ones! Thank you so much Heather.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Renee and Anthony - April 20th 2007

Wow! Renee and Anthony's wedding was a great time. Dancing, Partying, Laughing, just perfect!The reception took place at the Fez in Aliquippa.

I didn't care much where the Fez placed me. You can see it was right by the entrance and very far from the Head Table and the Dance Floor. The Bose speakers didn't let me down though! I had one of their friends come up to me and ask where I hid the speakers on the other side of the room. :)
Christopher's best man toast was exceptional. You can tell when the best man "wings" the toast or puts a lot of thought and effort in to it. Chris put tons of thought and effort in. He had people laughing, then tearing up and laughing again. Chris defiantly gets a A+ from me.
Their photographer was Lisa Kyle. It was my first time working with Lisa and we got a long great. Our first conversation Lisa said, " are the best dressed DJ that I have ever worked with." WoooHooo glad some one liked my new Tux. :)
Oh, I just found out yesterday that we have another wedding together on May 5th.

At the end of the reception, which wasn't until midnight, there was easily 45 people on the dance floor still. This in my mind is the perfect way to end the reception.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tammy and Brenton - April 14th 2007

This was the first Wedding I got to use my new BOSE speakers, they worked flawless! The sound quality is everything you would expect from BOSE.

I often get guests from the weddings I DJ compliment me on what great fun they had and how the music was perfect, but I never got any compliments about my speakers. That was until yesterday! I can't tell you how many times people came up and complimented me about the speakers. I had a couple groomsmen come up to me just to check them out before the music even started. The caterer, bartender, Father of the Bride, and many guest said the music sounded better than anything they have heard and also looked great.

Tammy and Brenton's Ceremony and Reception took place at the Edgewood Club.
The Ceremony took place in the "Living Room" in front of the fire place and the Reception was in the "Ballroom".

Dinner was served by The Addison House and was it delicious! I would recommend the Addison House to anyone that is looking for a caterer.

To sum their wedding up...... Beautiful Family Affair. It was not a huge crazy dance party, but everyone was on the dance floor several times through out the night.

Oh, I also wanted to thank Tammy again for giving me a bottle of champaine. I, well, Heather and I can not wait to drink it.