Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jennifer and Ken - July 28th, 2007

Picture by http://www.bellissima.com/

Jennifer and Ken's Wedding Ceremony and Reception took place at the Green Oaks Country Club .
We couldn't ask for a better day for the ceremony. When I left Clarion to it was raining, but once I got on Route 28 the rain lightened up, then stopped. I was a little scarred it might rain during the ceremony, but all the clouds went away and the sun was birght with love.

Jen hired a live string ochistra for the ceremony music, and I did the mics for the ceremony.
(Ester Wagner provided the string quartet)

This is Robin with Bellissima. She is one part of the two very talanted photographers that make up Bellissima. I didn't have a chance to snap a picture of Brenda because she was on the other side of the guests. Bellissima's web site is. http://www.bellissimaphoto.com/
Robin and Brenda has a slide show of some of the pictures they took of the day. Check them out HERE.

This is one of the three readers.

Jennifer and Ken thanking their bridal party for being part of their special day.

This is inside the Green Oaks Country Club where the Reception took place.

The beautiful wedding cake. The "LOVE" bowls were filled with turquoise M&M's.

Dancing: Wow, was it a great dance party. So fun that we went 2.5 hours of over time!!!

Ken came up to me when we were done with the Formality songs and said, "Jeremy, once again thanks for being here today. I am a little worried though. Today has been perfect. I couldn't of asked for a better day. I am waiting for something to go wrong because it's been to great."

Needless to say, nothing went wrong! We danced the entire night away up til 12:30am.

Intro Music: Beautiful Day - U2 (Bridal Party)
Streets Have No Name - U2( Jen & Ken)
First Dance: Stay With You - John Legend
Cake: How Sweet It Is - James Tylor
F/D Dance: My Girl - Temptations
Parents Dance: You've Got A Friend - James Tylor
Bridal Party: Some Where Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vanessa and Erik - July 20th, 2007

(Image by Weddings by Heather)

Vanessa and Erik were married, and held their reception, at Shannopin Country Club in Pittsburgh. We couldn't of asked for a better day for an out side ceremony.

(Another stunning shot by Heather)

Heather also had David Burke shoot second camera for her.

I received this email from Dave the day after the wedding.

"Hey Jeremy!

It was great being able to work together last night. I wanted to let you know that from now on you are the only DJ I will recommend! Man you rock! You are not a DJ, you are an Artist! Thank you for making it so great. The music, the transitions and most of all, your personality, make it an awesome experience.

Enjoy your day!"

This was my first wedding working with Dave and Heather. We have chatted by email, on the phone and in person a few times though. After I sent Heather the order of events I received this email back.

"Jeremy every time I turn around you amaze me again. I have never received anything like this from a DJ. This will help out a lot!"

Couple shots of my set up and the hall.

This was a neat picture I took of their favors.

Vanessa and Erik's wedding was a lot of fun. Their music requests were some of my favorite songs. ("Lady" by Modjo, "The Way I Are" by Timbaland, "California Dreaming 2004" by Benny Benassi and much more!)

Everyone danced so much we extended the night by half an hour.

Vanessa and Erik also had Bob Steranko with Videosaic capture their day in motion. It was great working with Bob. His style is hand in hand with all the other wedding vendors there, laid back, unobtrusive, and keeping the spot light on the family and friends.

Here is a direct link to Heather's blog on the wedding also.

Intro Songs: Galvanize - Chemical Brothers (Bridal Party)
I Feel You - Depeche Mode (Vanessa and Erik)
Cake Song: Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
First Dance: All I Want Is You - U2
F/D Dance: The Way YOu Look Tonight - Franky
M/S Dance: In My Life - Beatles

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sarah and John - July 14th, 2007

Sarah and John's wedding took place at the Pittsburgh's Grand Hall. The contact person I corresponded with was Walter Czapliewicz. If you ever have a chance to meet Walter, it is well worth it. He is such a great character!
Photo by Araujo Photography. This was my first time working with Cyndi and Tony and hopefully not my last. Make sure you check out their site and blog.
Can you see the speakers? The sound carried beautifully through out the hall.
Sarah and John did their first dance upon entrance to the reception hall. You could feel the love in the room. Everyone remain standing during the first dance.

(Photo by Araujo Photography)
I love Sarah's dress. I am a HUGE fan of bringing in color to the Brides dress. Sarah matched the colors of the rose pedals on the cake table and the guest tables to the color of the bead work on her dress. The details make a big difference.
Below are a couple more shots I took of the beautiful Grand Hall.

Sarah and John also had Digital Keepsakes Video Production to capture every moment of the evening.
Intro Songs: Let's Get It Started - B.E.P. (Bridal Party)
Take Me Out - Fran Ferdinand
Cake Song: Sugar, Sugar - Archies
First Dance: Stuck On You - Poverty Neck Hillbillies
Bridal Party: Fly Me To The Moon - Franky
F/D Dance: Sea Of Love - Robert Plant
M/S Dance: Johnny Angel - Shelley Fabares

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jennifer and Jason - July 7th 2007

Jennifer and Jason was my 7.7.07 Bride and Groom, and I couldn't have asked for a better couple. The reception took place at FranZee's in Ambridge, PA.

The hall was fairly small, and I was right beside the dance floor, so I only used on Bose tower. The coverage was amazing! These speakers never cease to amaze me still.

I have always liked when couples display their family wedding photographs. They had their grandparents wedding picture from 1935 displayed! I highly recommend doing this at any wedding. It is such a huge personal touch that is easily achieved.

I snapped this one during Jennifer and Jason first dance. I was lucky enought to catch them kissing.

I got a little carried away taking some pictures with my new camera and using some of the different setting. I love the first picture I posted. It shows the endless energy in the room.
Jennifer dancing with her father.

POLKA TIME! Jennifer asked me to play some polka for her grandmother. Everyone was having a great time with it.
Intro Songs: It Had To Be You - Harry Connick Jr. (Bridal Party)
Me and You - Big Bad Voodoo Daddies (Jen & Jason)
Cake Song: Little Moments - Brad Paisley
First Dance: My Best Friend - Tim McGraw
Bridal Party: Thank You For Loving Me - Bon Jovi
F/D Dance: Sunrise, Sunset - Fiddler On The Roof
M/S Dance: Simple Man - Lynrd Skynrd
Anniversary Cel Dance: Something The We Do - Clint Black

Tara and Hakan - July, 6th 2007

(This was the first weekend with my new camera. I bought a Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 pixel camera.)

Tara and Hakan's wedding reception took place in the cafe at the Carnegie Museum. The cocktails took place out side on the patio with the beautiful water fountains.

This is my little friend Rocky. LOL. I have to say this was my first time having a 8' dinosaur looking over my shoulder the entire night.

I ran the second speaker wireless to cover the room a little better. The second one was not needed, but it's nice to have though. The dance floor was right in front of it, and I wanted the speaker closer to the dance floor.

Their cake looked fantastic. Hakan is from Turkey and after the introductions he placed Tukey's flag on the cake table. What a unique idea. I am going to steal this idea and put it on my list of "unique wedding reception ideas". Thanks Hakan!

These are just a few shot I took while waiting for the guests to arrive. The small bowl below was the favors for their friends and family. I believe Hakan's mother and Aunt brought them from Turkey. This was just another unique wedding idea to make the reception "YOUR" reception and not a "Cookie Cutter One".
Tara and Hakan invited 75 of their close friends to celebrate their new life together. I was a little worried that with only 75 people, it wouldn't be a dance crowd. Boy was I wrong. They stayed out on the dance floor from the first slow song and didn't leave the floor until the end of the night. (12:30am)
Intro Song: You Got The Love - Source ft. Cadi Stanton
Cake Song: Ice Cream - Sarah Mclachlan
First Dance: Songbird - Eva Cassidy