Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amanda & Jason - August 25th, 2007

Amanda and Jason's reception took place at Aiello's Cafe in Ridgway PA. (814) 772-6767 -Roasa)
Here are a couple shots of my set up of the night. The hall was fairly small so I only used on Bose Tower.

Every tier of the wedding cake was a different flavor! Amanda told me to grab a slice of the bottom tier, Chocolate and Peanut butter. MY FAVORITE!

This is Jason's best man Joe giving a very funy yet heart warming toast.

A quick shot of Amanda and Jason's first dance.

Down to the dance shots! We had such great fun at the reception. There was so much dancing no one wanted to leave. We went into an hour of Over Time! Check out the fun on the dance floor.

Ok, these next couple of pictures have to be one of my favorite shots I have took at a wedding. I am playing "Shout" by The Isley Brothers. As you can see, Amanda and AJ are in the middle of the circle. (beginning of "Shout")

Hopefully they are laugh WITH they guy in the blue shirt, not AT him. Regardless, it looks like everyone is having a great time.

This was my last shot of the night. Jason is asking Amanda to dance. (Yes he put down his beer. LOL)
Amanda and Jason hired a family friend to shoot their wedding pictures. Sadly he doesn't have a site.

Intro: Dance Mix of Yeah - Usher (Bridal Party)
Now That We Found Love - Heavy D and the Boys (Amanda / AJ)
First Dance: Endless Love - Luther Candross & Mariah Carey
Cake Cutting: Ice Cream - Sarah McL.
Father Daughter Dance: I Loved Her First - Heartland
Mother Son Dance: Becaused You Loved Me - C. Dion
Bridal Party Dance: Beautiful Day - U2 Then Mixed into Let's Get It Started by B.E.P

Rana and Hugh - August 18th, 2007

Since I started with a Photo by Maggie, I'll chat about her a little. Maggie had her friend Linda shoot second camera with her. Both were a joy to work with. Their style is exactly what everyone looks for in a photographer....laid back, blending in with your guest, and not missing a moment to capture on camera. Make sure you check out her site.

This is the grand foyer to The Pennsylvanian. The Pennsylvanian is breath taking. From the foyer to the ball room. There's so much character in this place I don't know where to start. You really have to see this place in person to appreciate it.

Rana hired Amin Sultan to play Middle Eastern music for her side of the family during the reception.

She also hired my services to play music for Hugh's side of the family. Amin and myself switched back and forth every 45 minutes through out the night. He would play for a while for Rana's relatives, then I would take over for Hugh's. The transitions worked out wonderful.

Just a couple pictures of the hall and table set up.
Jean Ross with Opening Night Catering helped design the layout and brought in every single set of glassware, silverware, chairs, etc... I have a wedding with Jean on 9.7.07 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Make sure you check out the pictures!

Rana and Hugh's unique cake! Notice the cake cutting "knife"? They used a traditional Middle Eastern Sword to cut the wedding cake. They had such a great time doing this also.

Rana had Angela Prato come in from Canton, Ohio to preform a 30 minute Belly Dancer Show. To say the least, it was simply amazing. Very unique custom touch she brought into Rana and Hugh's wedding. Below are some pictures I took during the show.

This is everyone doing a traditional Middle Eastren Dance.
Intro: It had to be you - Harry Conick Jr. (Bridal Party)
Me and You - Big Bad VooDoo Daddies (Rana / Hugh)
Frist Dance: Fly Me To The Moon - Franky
Father / Daughter Dance: The Way You Look Tonight - Franky

Sunday, August 19, 2007


"Hi Jeremy!

Thanks for saying hello! Our life is still pretty hectic---we have just bought a house and we'll be moving next week after we close! The wedding and honeymoon seems so far away now. I've been meaning to let you know our thoughts on the wedding....

Jeremy, you were so much more than we ever expected our DJ to be for us! From day one you were there for us, always organizing and reassuring. You were even there for us when Ken's mom passed away. For all that we had to worry about for our "big day" you were the one part of the day in which I had complete and total confidence! At the wedding, our professionalism was impeccable (as always), you made all the events of the day flow so seamlessly, and the music was far better than we could have ever imagined! We are still getting compliments on what a great DJ we had at our wedding, our friends couldn't believe how well you mixed different songs and really played the crowd. You were all we were looking for in a DJ and more and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is searching for a DJ in this area. Keep up the good work-----you will go so far in this career!
I wish you the best of luck on your own wedding----seriously, don't sweat the little things and don't ever forget what you are doing this for.....it all comes down to the two of you and your own love---who cares how many tiers you have on your cake or if Uncle Bob is pissed that he is sitting near Aunt Rose, or if your limo is wrecked into (ha!)----don't lose sight of the big picture!

All our best,

Jennifer & Ken"

Location: Green Oaks C.C. - Blog post here.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Karrie and Daryl - August 11, 2007

Karrie and Daryl's wedding Ceremony and Reception took place at the Chestnut Ridge in Blairsville. This was my first time there since they did a complete remodel of the ball room. The room setup is much better than before.

Couple of pictures of my setup.
I was enthusiastic to see Karrie and Daryl had Dozen Cupcakes at their wedding also.
They used the a small cake topper for the "cake cutting ceremony" Then we invited all of their guests to help them self to the cup cakes. At the end of the night there was plenty of cup cakes left over. Karrie let me take some home... MMmmmm Mmmmm MMMMMM
Once again everyone, you have to stop by Dozen and grab a cup cake. You will not be disappointed.
The ceremony took place on the greens behind the resort. I was excited to see Karrie had rented a tent for the day. This help out tremendously with the sun that was bright and beautiful Saturday afternoon.

This is the best man RJ giving his toast.

Now some crazy fun dance pictures I took through out the night.

Karrie and Daryl had Photorise capture the moments of the day.

Here's something that happened to me that really made my night.....
One of the bridesmaids Kelly, hired me to DJ her wedding for next year. Kelly's mother came up to me half way through the night. (At the time I didn't know it was Kelly's mother.) I thought she was going to request a song. I lean towards her expecting a song request, then she kisses me on the cheek and said, "I am so happy you are going to be with us at Kelly's wedding. I'm Kelly's mother."
I didn't know how the night could have been better until this happened.

Intro: Desire - U2 (Bridal Party)
Take Me Out - Fran Ferdinand (Karrie / Daryl)
Cake: Save Room - John Legend (GREAT SONG!)
First Dance: Crazy Love - Van Morrison
Bridal Party Dance: Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
Father Daughter Dance: Daughters - John Mayer
Parents Dance: Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis