Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rana and Hugh - August 18th, 2007

Since I started with a Photo by Maggie, I'll chat about her a little. Maggie had her friend Linda shoot second camera with her. Both were a joy to work with. Their style is exactly what everyone looks for in a photographer....laid back, blending in with your guest, and not missing a moment to capture on camera. Make sure you check out her site.

This is the grand foyer to The Pennsylvanian. The Pennsylvanian is breath taking. From the foyer to the ball room. There's so much character in this place I don't know where to start. You really have to see this place in person to appreciate it.

Rana hired Amin Sultan to play Middle Eastern music for her side of the family during the reception.

She also hired my services to play music for Hugh's side of the family. Amin and myself switched back and forth every 45 minutes through out the night. He would play for a while for Rana's relatives, then I would take over for Hugh's. The transitions worked out wonderful.

Just a couple pictures of the hall and table set up.
Jean Ross with Opening Night Catering helped design the layout and brought in every single set of glassware, silverware, chairs, etc... I have a wedding with Jean on 9.7.07 at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Make sure you check out the pictures!

Rana and Hugh's unique cake! Notice the cake cutting "knife"? They used a traditional Middle Eastern Sword to cut the wedding cake. They had such a great time doing this also.

Rana had Angela Prato come in from Canton, Ohio to preform a 30 minute Belly Dancer Show. To say the least, it was simply amazing. Very unique custom touch she brought into Rana and Hugh's wedding. Below are some pictures I took during the show.

This is everyone doing a traditional Middle Eastren Dance.
Intro: It had to be you - Harry Conick Jr. (Bridal Party)
Me and You - Big Bad VooDoo Daddies (Rana / Hugh)
Frist Dance: Fly Me To The Moon - Franky
Father / Daughter Dance: The Way You Look Tonight - Franky

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