Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mike & Leslie - September 29th, 2007

Mike and Leslie had their Ceremony and Reception at the stunning Renaissance Inn. The special events manager at the Renaissance is Tony Lee. (412-992-2054 / Tony and his staff are remarkable. Their attention to detail and on site coordination with myself and the photographer Jeff Swensen was astonishing. Tony instinctively knew where to let me take over at the reception; this was where I organized the introductions, the many toast we had through out the night, to the formality songs. I also need to give credit to Jason for keeping me up to date with the meal courses. This helped me estimate when the next person giving a toast was. (Toast where held between meal courses before the Entree)
Below are some shots I took while Mike and Leslie's guest where at the ceremony.

Now their exquisite wedding cake. The cake is covered with crushed honey roasted almonds. It looked delectable.
And how about the view!!! As you can see, there was a Pirates game going on tonight which made the view astonishing.

Right after the introduction of Mike and Leslie, we went into their first dance.
I can't express how cool Mike and Leslie's first dance was. They had the entire song choreographed. They started out like every other slow song, then BAM! Spinning, dips, dress waving, emotion, LOVE...... SIMPLY AMAZING!

Mike and Leslie set the mood and energy they where looking for with their first dance.
After their first dance we played two upbeat songs and invited all of their guests to the dance floor. I was a little sceptic on how this would turn out. My scepticism was set to rest 10 seconds after I invited everyone to the dance floor. There was not one person sitting down!
Leslie's grandfather came out also!

After the second song ended, I asked the guests to be seated and Leslie's father and mother gave a extremely heart warming toast.
After the appetizers Leslie's Uncle Mike gave a toast.

When the salad course was over, Mike's best man Todd gave his Roast. Yes, you read it right. Todd gave a speech that could of been on a Comedy Central Roast of Mike and Leslie. LOL I can easily say, Todd's speech was one of the top 3 best man toasts of the year.

Before the cake cutting ceremony Mike and Leslie gave a heart fulfilled thank you to all of their friends and family members.

Leslie and her father during the father / daughter dance.

(Sadly my batteries ran out on my camera and I didn't get a good picture of Mike and his lovely mother Yvette during the Mother / Son song)

(Random dance shots)

Intro: I Got You Babe - Sunny & Cher (Mike and Leslie only)
First Dance: You Make Me So Very Happy (2 minute edit)
Two Fast Songs: Ain't No Mountain High Enough / Build Me Up Buttercup
Father Daughter Dance: Turn Around - Harry Belafonte
Mother Son Dance: Just The Way You Are - Billy Joel
Check back soon for some updated pictures by their photographer Jeff Swensen.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Michelle and Nick - September 22, 2007

Michelle's and Nick's reception took place at the Edgewood Country Club in Crafton. (412) 823-7300 .

The tables were eloquently set up with brown menus and pink napkins. (Michelle's wedding colors.)

The high lighted ceilings are a beautiful touch on the reception. It certainly set the mood later in the night when we dimmed the lights. The glow on the ceiling was wonderful.

Michelle and Nick's first dance.

Bridal Party Dance

Michelle's astonishing pink wedding cake.

Father / Daughter dance.

Mother / Son dance.

I wish this picture came out better....
Nick came up to me about half way through the night and asked for a polka for his grandmother. We decided to play "Pennsylvania Polka" (Best known for the theme song of "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murry.) About 30 seconds into the song I glance up to see Nick's grandmother out on the dance floor! Ladies and Gentlemen, you can see Nick's grandmother has a walker and that didn't stop her from coming out to the dance floor and having a great time. I am sure this will be a moment I am sure Michelle, Nick and their family will cherish for years and years to come.

Intro: Staple It Together - Jack Johnson (Bridal Party)
Friday I'm In Love - The Cure
First Dance: Just You And Me - Rie Sinclair
Bridal Party Dance: In My Life - Beatles
Cake: Touch Me - Doors
Fahter / Daughter: My Girl - Temptations
Mother / Son: The Man You Have Become - M. Passuti

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Erin & Jay - September 15th, 2007

Erin and Jay's wedding took place at Anchor Village (814-226-4395) in Clarion, PA and it is only 15 minutes from my house. :) Anchor Village used to be a coal loading building for trains back in the 1900's. The building has a unique feel you can not find in any other venue. There's a beautiful lawn in the back accompanied by 60' tall spruce pine trees and a gazebo that many couples get married under.

Quick picture of my set up. Only one Bose tower was needed today.
As you can see, I also brought lights. The building gets very dark once the sun sets behind the trees. The lights at Anchor Village are either on or off, no dimmer, hence the lights. It's better to keep the venue lights off with some colored lights on the dance floor than having the venue lights turned on full blast.

Embracing the Fall
Erin's beautiful wedding cake decorated with fall colors and flowers.

I love the iron work through out the building. Standing inside you can imagine the trains coming through to fill up their carts with coal over a 100 years ago. (Very Cool!)

After the introductions Jay and Erin did their first dance.

This is the picture I always talk about with the prospective Brides on the phone. When the best man and maid of honor are giving their toast, the champagne glass should be in one hand and the mic in the other. They should never be standing across the room by the DJ booth with a corded microphone in hand.

Best man's toast.
Maid of Honor's toast

Erin's father's toast.
These next couple pictures I took while following around the photographer. (Rebecca's Place)
This picture was taken from the window right beside my booth.

Erin's dance with her Father.

Mother / Son dance.

Bridal Party.

Open dance floor shots!