Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trey & Lara - April 19th, 2008

Beginning in the late afternoon with an outdoor ceremony, Lara and Trey's wedding was elegant from start to finish. The weather held off long enough to enjoy cocktails on the patio outside. (Their wedding took place at the Springwood Manor.)

Dinner was served in the beautiful atrium over looking the grounds.

(Setup Picture)

Instead of table numbers Trey and Lara decided to label the tables with all the different plays they have been in. To top it off, the included a lovely paragraph about the play also.

Lara's beautiful wedding cake. (Heather and I were actually considering a cake that looked a lot like this for our wedding in July.)

Lara's father Jim giving a "thank you" toast.

Our Maid of Honor Faith.

....and our best man Mikey. Mikey's toast was absolutely hysterical. He gave a very nice toast to Lara then moved on to a toast to Trey. To every ones surprise, Trey and Mikey actually sang a song together. The song is from "Scrubs" the musical and it is called "Guy Love". Being a Scrubs fan myself, I couldn't wait for this to happen. Needless to say, it worked out great!

Trey and Lara's first dance. . . .

Lara and Jim in the Father/Daughter dance.

Trey and his lovely mother Jody, in the Mother/Son dance.

Open dance pictures..... I new it was going to be a great dance party with all the theater majors there. . . . I was not disappointed.

This was my first time working with Photographer Ed Macko. Ed's second shooter for the day was the one and only Terry Clark. (I had a chance to work with Terry last October at Autumn-Lynn and Johnathan's wedding.) Working with Ed and Terry was such a blast. Ed was kind enough to share some pictures with me.
I can easily say Ed is going to be on my "preferred photographer" list.

Intro: Crazy for you Overture (bridal Party)
Africa - Toto (T&L)
Wedding Cake: Always and Forever - Donna Lewis
First Dance: Breathe you in - David Mead
Father/Daughter: The way you look tonight - Franky
Mother/Son: Danny's Song - Loggins & Messina

"Jeremy, all I can say is that choosing you as our Entertainment Director was no doubt one of the best wedding decisions Trey and I made. I can't tell you how many people came up to me and sang (sometimes literally, with my musical friends haha) your praises...I know that given some more time all of us could have danced into the wee hours together. Your music was fantastic- we heard all of the songs we wanted to hear and none of the songs we didn't, the transitions were flawless and exciting, and the music always enhanced and matched the mood and events perfectly. Your presence in general as an event director was so soothing and exciting. It was like having a friend guide us through the day with care, respect, and, of course, fun! I'll never forget when you pulled Trey aside and told us to take a few minutes, no matter how crazy things were, and to just step back and watch all of our family and friends celebrating- we did that during the open dancing, and I can't tell you how many more memories and how much appreciation and love I have for all of our guests because of it. You made our day unforgettable. And, of course, because of your suggestion, a little bottle of rainwater from the reception is sitting in my father's freezer waiting for the baptism of our first child. (When ever that may be.) You even managed to turn what could have possibly been a dampering event (the rain...) into something beautiful, which is just your style. I couldn't believe when I looked on the dance floor and saw literally everyone dancing...you managed (and I don't know how!!) to appeal to our crazy new york friends, my uptight relatives, and everyone in between, and give all attending a fabulous night. That's your magic!
Again, thank you so much for not only doing your job as an entertainer, but for helping Trey and I remember and enjoy our day; a truly priceless gift. You are truly the best! "
Lara & Trey

Megan & Pat - April 18th, 2008

Megan and Pat's Wedding Reception took place at the beautiful Foxburg Inn. I have been to the Foxburg Inn many time for dinner, but this was my first wedding reception there.
If you are looking for a nice place to get away for the weekend Foxburg is the perfect place to do so. They just put in a lovely Hotel across the street from the Inn.

Quick picture of my setup. Only BOSE L1 speaker is needed. Megan and Pat had a small family affair. We had about 80 friends and family upstairs at Foxburg.

The flowers looked wonderful! For some reason I always love the squiggly branches.
Megan's florist was Debbie Rarie.

A great picture of the Allegheny River.

Megan and Pat's wedding cake. I like the monograms on the top.

This wasa tribute cake to Pat's parents. Pat is now sharing his wedding day with his parents. They were married for 50 years on the 18th.

Our Matron of Honor Courtney giving a great speach.

I always say it's a great idea for a toast from the groom. I didn't even have to ask Pat, he was more than happy to give a "thank you".

Megan and Pat Wedding cake ceremony.

Pat's parents cutting their 50th wedding anniversary cake.

Megan and Pat's first dance pictures.

Megan dancing with her father Jim in the father/daughter dance.

Open dance shots through out the night.

Photographer - Paul Meyer Photography
Videographer - Trimedia Productions

Intro: Beautiful Day Instrimental - Bridal Party
Beautiful Day chorus - M&P
Cake: Mac The Knife - Franky
First Dance: Bless The Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
Father/Daughter: Have I Told You Latley - Van Morrison
Anniversary Celebration Dance: Remember When - Alan Jackson

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kelly & Matt - April 12th, 2008

I have to rewind the clock before I go into Kelly and Matt's wedding.
I had the opportunity to meet these two at Karrie and Daryl's wedding last August. (What a fun wedding that was.)
I was told that Karrie and Daryl are expecting their first child this September! Congratz again!

Next I need to let you know how great the staff was at Heinz Field. My two "go to" people were Kelley DiFilippo and Nikkie Feroce. These ladies run a "tight ship". If you are thinking about having a wedding at Heinz Field, these ladies are a huge asset to have on your side.

Keith Lewis was shooting the pictures for the day and Jeff Mansfield (724-423-7978) was taking video.

View of my setup from the head table. Clean, Classy and Elegant.

Kelly's Wedding Cake looked fantastic!

The wedding reception took place at the Heinz Field. (West Lodge) This was my first reception at Heinz field. These pictures do not do the location justice. The hall was simply breath taking. The candles along the windows was a nice touch.

Card Table . . . love all the candles. Might take the idea and go with it for my wedding this July. :)

Kelly and Matt's first dance as husband and wife.

Our best man Jeffery giving a very funny speech.

Kelly's Maid of Honor was also her sister. Katie's speech brought tears to many eyes. I have to admit, she got me with a couple tears also.

This was a huge secret we kept from Kelly and Matt. We had our own Charlie Batch "crash" their wedding reception.
After Katie's toast I got on the microphone and went along like nothing was going to happen. I asked for applause for the great toast we just received and before I got done all everyone heard was, "Wait...wait....wait...There's one more for tonight."
Charlie gave a great toast to Kelly and Matt. As you can see from the picture below he gave them a signed jersey for their wedding gift.

The very sneaky staff at Heinz filed handed out custom "Terrible Towels" to their guest upon entrance to the hall with out Kelly and Matt knowing.
What makes them custom? The back side of the towel had Kelly and Matt's name along with their wedding date. Very Cool.
I snapped these pictures while Charlie was showing his gift to the bridal party.

What a great surprise!! A toast by Charlie. . . .

Charlie chatting it up with Kelly and Matt.

Look at Kelly's eyes . . . Guess what she has in her hands!?! Charlie's Supper Bowl Ring!!!!

From this picture it looks like Matt is trying to decide to give the Super Bowl ring back or run like heck.

Kelly along with her father Bill in the Father / Daughter Dance.

Matt and his lovely mother Marjorie.

Now we are down to some of the great dance shots of the night.

Intro: Don't Stop Believing: Journey (Bridal Party)
Keep On Loving You - REO Speedwagon (K&M)
First Dance: Me and You Kenny Chesney
Bridal Party Dance: Someone Like You - Van Morrison
Cake: Count On Me - Jefferson Starship
Father/Daughter: Always, In All Ways - Kenny Loggins
Mother/Son: Oh Mother - Joe Wodarick