Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Molly & Jay - July 26th, 2008

Molly and Jay's reception was held at the Circuit Center Ballroom. Molly picked a beautiful dark red for one of her Wedding Colors.

(elegant setup picture)

Room layout pictures. Notice they also used red accent lights. . . looked great when we were dancing.

Molly and Jay cut the wedding cake right after their introduction.

The first toast was from our best man Ryan. As you can see, he had everyone laughing. . .

Following Ryan was our Maid of Honor Hayley, who is also Molly's sister.

After diner we started Molly and Jay's first dance.

Molly and her father in the Father / Daughter dance.

Jay and Elois in the Mother / Son dance.

Now we have some great open dance shots.

Below is the most people I have ever seen do the "Cupid Shuffle". If you look closely, the crowd goes all the way to the back of the room. . . Amazing....

I had the chance to work with the wonderful Andrea Kelly, from Andrea Kelly Photography. Make sure you stop by her site and blog.

Intro: Sexyback - Justin T. (Bridal Party)
Good Life - Kanye West (M & J)
Cake: Sweetest Thing - U2
First Dance: By Your Side - Sade
F/D Dance: My Wish - Rascal Flatts
M/S Dance: I am you Child - Barry Manilow

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Craig & Lauren - July 19th, 2008

Craig and Lauren's Wedding Ceremony and Reception was held at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. I know I say this all the time but I LOVE doing weddings at teh PCA.

I had one of my Bose towers inside and one outside on the patio where dinner was held.
(Setup Picture)

The Ceremony was held on the beautiful steps at the PCA.

Pictures taking during the Ceremony. . .

. . . . . Simply breath-taking....... I really enjoyed the center pieces.

I couldn't help myself taking this picture. . . . Once again the flowes are beautiful. . . I can't even say who did the flowers because I was told during dinner this was their last wedding. . . What a way to end! Lovely. . .

Our Best man Cristian giving his speech followed by our maid of honor Shannon.

Lauren and Criag's first dance as husband and wife. . .
This was my first wedding working with Kimberly Reed. Make sure you stop by her blog to see great pictures from the day.(you can see the back of her in the above picture.) I've met Kim at several times as the PUG meetings. The lovely Joanne Bartone introduced us. Kim and Joanne are doing a Trash The Dress shoot with Heather and I on August 6th. I can't wait!!!
Next I have to say a quick word about the food. Lauren and Craig had The Big Burrito cater their wedding. The food was absolutely delicious.

Open dance shots. . . Lots of open dance shots!

Procession - Plainsong - The Cure
Recession - Sail Away - David Grey
Intro: We did this a little different. Since Lauren and Craig where just married and announced has Husband and Wife, we felt it would be a little strange to do it again after pictures. Lauren and Craig came back into the cocktail hour and enjoyed their time with friends and family. We did a formal recognition of the parents and bridal party before the toasts.
Cake: Just Like Heaven - Katie Melua
1st Dance: Part One - Band of Horses

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Wedding - July 5th, 2008

There's so much to talk about. . . . The all the details Heather and I brought into the day to make it ours. . . our friends that came from far away to be with us on our special day . . . The Love, The Laughter, The Fun.

Here's my group of trouble makers. . .

(left t0 right)
Me, Business partner Doug, Justin, Bestman Steve, PJ and Jay.

We held the ceremony and reception at the Wanango Country Club in Reno, PA.

Here's a couple pictures of the room layout.

Ok, here's some of the details we brought into the day . . . As you can see, we didn't have table numbers. Heather and I replaced the table numbers with songs. . . What kind of songs? Some of you might know Heather is a goldsmith. It was my idea to bring in songs (my back ground) with gemstones or precious medals into our wedding as table names.

It took us a while to find songs that people would know but over all, it was well worth it.
The gifts we gave to our friends and family. . . . Heather made a pair of turquoise earrings (our color was turquoise and Chocolate) for all the ladies that came to the wedding.

We got blank money clips for the gentlemen and engraved the first letter of their last name on it.

Our goal was to make sure that the gifts were not going to end up in the trash Sunday night.

If you been keeping up on my blog posts, you know I ALWAYS rave on and on about Dozen Cupcakes. Their cupcakes are so dang good. . . . I heard people talking about them all night. . . . and I am still hearing how great they were.

The flavors we picked were.

1. Milk Chocolate - "our rich chocolate devilsfood cupcake is paired with our mouth-watering belgian chocolate buttercream topped with a belgian belcolade chocolate chip"

2. The Elvis - "this moist banana cupcake is filled with chocolate-hazelnut filling then topped with a swirl of peanut-butter buttercream... and totally fit for the king"

3. Cosmo - "vodka and lime juice soaked cranberries in vanilla cake with lime buttercream and a lime twist... shaken, not stirred"

Heather made the top cake for the cake cutting ceremony. She colored the fondant turquoise and used chocolate swirls. The cake was raspberry / chocolat. (yet another thing she brought into the wedding.)

Couple pictures over looking the golf course. These were taking from the porch were the cocktail hour was held.

Heather and her mother Kathy also did all the flowers you see here. . . Heather's family owns a greenhouse business. . . . As you can see, they looked wonderful. . .

The ceremony was held on a beautiful part of the golf course. Yes, Heather and Kathy did the flowers seen here too.

My beautiful wife. . .

Heather also made her necklace and earrings. . . I'll get a close up of these and show you the detailed work she done with this. (She also made the Bridemaids necklaces and earrings.)

Couple pictures of the ceremony.

Wanango let us use some of their golf carts to go out on the course to get some pictures done. . . I love these pictures. . .

Couple snap shots from dinner.

Heather and Chuck in the Father / Daughter Dance.

A few open dance shots from the night. . .

This is my father and Doug's wife Jean.