Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Thank you for all you did to make our wedding reception such a success. I appreciated you taking control for things you had to and for melting into the background and playing music ~assume music~ the remainder of the time!
I loved the dinner music - that's a play list I would Love to have - and the dancing was excellent - It was so much fun seeing friends & family having so much fun. There were some dancing fools that night - including the bride!
Your professionalism, accessibility & organization are unmatched.. .

With many thanks,

Leslie & Ben


Dear Jeremy,

I've been wanting to write you a note to tell you how pleased we were with the music you provided for our daughter's wedding on October 10th. The music was tasteful, you respected the couple's play list, & yo managed all the elements of the wedding seamlessly. Thank you for making a perfect day a perfect event. We hope to work with you again for the next wedding.


Michele (Erica's Mom)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Jessica & Micheal - January 24th, 2009

Jessica and Mike's reception took place at the Circuit Center Ballroom. It's a great place to have a large wedding and still have tons of room.

setup picture

Behind the curtain is where the cocktail hour is held.

Giving our toast for the night was Micheal's brother Matt.

After dinner was the cake cutting ceremony.

Jessica and Mike's frist dance.

Father / Daughter Dance

Mother / Son Dance

Live, Laugh, Love and Dance the night away!
(Sadly with the location of my DJ table and the dance floor it is very hard to get great dance pictures with my little point and click camera.)

First Dance: Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Father / Daughter Dance: Hero - Mariah Carey
Mother / Son Dance: Strawberry Fields Forever - Beatles
Anniversary Celebration Dance: My Funny Valentine - Franky

"Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to thank you so much for your fantastic services at our wedding on January 24th. Everything you did was perfect. The songs you played were wonderful - I have so many wonderful memories of dancing with my new husband and our guests! Everyone had a great time, so thank you so much for creating such a fun atmosphere.

And thank you also for keeping all the events running smoothly. I felt like you were my wedding planner as well as my DJ! I really appreciated how you managed all the details so my family and I could just enjoy the wedding.

I will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone I know who is getting married. We were so happy with everything you did for us, before and during the wedding, and we would love to get to go to another wedding you do! You exceeded any expectations we had from the very beginning - we were lucky to have found you!

I wish you all the best and hope our paths will cross again in the future!

Jessica and Michael

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I received this email from my good friend Dawn today.

"Not sure if this is going to apply to any of you, but if you haven’t heard, Mountain View Inn is closing this weekend. Any weddings you may have booked this year at that location will have to be moved. I am just writing this to give you a heads up that you will probably be hearing from these brides soon, if you haven’t already. Some brides have already received deposits back, but some are just finding out now and they are closing this weekend! Can you imagine!?

Hope you are all well and had a great holiday season!

Dawn Brennan
DMB Videography

I checked my weddings and don't think any of my couples are getting married there but I wanted to let everyone else know.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Darah & Denis - January 17th, 2009

Darah & Denis Ceremony and Reception took place at the Das Dutch Village Inn, in Colombiana Oh.
The entire day from start to finish represented the out-going personality they both have. . . . Wait for some of the details!

Quick setup picture.

The sign says it all. "Denny's Cigar Bar."

Here are the wonderful cupcake favors. . . great idea because many people ate them while heading out at the end of the night. (Not the snow man in the back ground. . . we'll get to him later.)

The wonderful flowers on the tables.

Couple shots of the room. . . .
Bride maids dancing shoes.

You may want to know what the heck Denis and Darah are doing here. . . . Keeping on the unique wedding theme. . . Darah and Denis announced the bridal party for the grand introductions!!!

After dinner Darah and Denis did a fabulous first dance. . . So neat I had to do a video and not just pictures. . .

The Father / Daughter dance.

Then we did the Mother / Son dance. . . . I love the look on Laura's face in the first picture.

Next was the Bridal Party dance. . . Half way through the dance we opened up the floor to everyone.

Live, Laugh, Love and dance the night away! (part 1)

After a 45 minute open dance floor we went into the Bouquet toss (no pictures) and the Cake cutting ceremony.
We decided to wait to cut the cake because of the cake was so neat and unique. . . The wedding cake was a 3' toll snow man!
If you remember back to the first pictures of the little snow man in the back ground. . . The small snow man will be used as their one year Anniversary cake. So cool. . . .

Back to dancing the night away. . . . .

Intro: All Night long - Lionel Richie
1st Dance: Custum Mix
F/D Dance: My Wish - Rascal Flatts
M/S Dance: The Wonder of You - Elvis
Bridal Party Dance: Dancing in the Moonlight - Van Morrison
Bouquet Toss: Single Ladies - Beyonce
Cake Cutting: Cut The Cake - Average White Band

"Jeremy and Heather,

Thank you so much for everything. The tunes were unreal. Everything about the night was great.
I appreciate all of your efforts, there are too many to mention.
I loved how everything you had a hand in went perfect. Thanks for bailing out my Best Men with their audio problems with the video.

We hope the two of you enjoyed the night as much as we did.
You know how it is on your wedding day, there are so many things going through your mind, but never once did Darah or I ever get nervous about your service. If you ever need someone to speak with a prospective client, please have them call Darah and I.
You got 5 stars and 4 thumbs up from us.
A bunch of people came up to us at the reception and complimented you. It was awesome.

I loved how well you worked with Ryan (photographer) and the Inn.
Who would have thought a water main break wouldn't even come close to denting our great time! I was particularly fond of the free strobe lights we had all night though.
Darah and I believe you and Heather will be great friends for life.

Thanks Again,

Denis & Darah"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hayley & Adam - January 3rd, 2009

Hayley and Adam's reception was at the Omni William Penn Hotel.

I can sum up the look of the room in two words, "Simply Breathtaking". The entire room was white on white. . . Hayley and Adam were going for a beautiful "snow" feel and boy did they get it spot on.

The blue accent lights on the upper floor was a great touch to the room.

I absolutley addor the center pieces. . .

Hayley and Adam's wedding cake.

Their first dance together. . . .

Hayley's brother Ben giving the welcome speech.

This is Hayley's sister Courtney giving her speech. I played at Courtney's wedding last June.

After salads were served we moved into Hayley's youngest sister Chelsea's speech.

Last but not least, was our best man and also Adam's brother Drew's speech.

Hayley and her father in the Father / Daughter dance.

Adam and his lovely mother in the Mother / Son dance.

"Wow did we have a great dance party."
Live, Laugh, Love and Dance the night away.
Here's a video of Hayley and Adam's friends / bridal party doing a Thriller dance to open up the dance floor. . . The quality isn't very good. . sorry. . my Camera doesn't have a light on it for video.

This is what the dance floor looked like after hour of over time. . . .

Photographer: Mike Bordo
Intro: Renegade - Styx (Bridal Party)
Battle w/o Honor or Humanity (H&A)
1st Dance: We are Man and Wife - Michelle Featherstone
Cake: Stay With You - John Legend
F/D: My Girl - Temptations
M/S: These are the Days - Van Morrison