Monday, September 27, 2010

Lauren & Derek - September 25th, 2010

Location: The Pennsylvanian.

I tell this to every bride or groom that calls and they are having their wedding at the Pennsylvanian. . . . The Pennsylvanian's beauty is next to none in Pittsburgh. . . BUT, the acoustics are horrible. You have to sacrifice perfect sound quality for the visual aspect you get here.

That being said, my Bose L1 Compact does an amazing job under the rotunda. When I was walking around the rotunda on Saturday the music had a lot of echo . . . UNTIL you get on the bricks inside the rotunda. . . then the sound quality is amazing. . . the arch of the rotunda lets the sound carry within the arch. . . but once you get out on the side walk. . .it doesn't sound very good.

Setup Picture inside the Pennsylvanian.

Room shots.

To help with the echo inside the hall, I run a remote Bose L1 Compact down by the guests. This helps out SOOOOO much, but there is still a lot of echoing with in the hall. I've tried several different things to tame the echoing but this seems to be the best thing to do for now.

I did have one of Lauren and Derek's guests come up to me and chat about the echoing. The gentleman that I was talking to is a Sound Engineer. He said the only way to stop, or limit, the echoing in the hall is to have a sound engineer come down and do an acoustic sound wave test in the hall. Once you have the room mapped out via sound waves, I would need to purchase a sound frequency reanalyzer module. (yes, I am almost lost has as you on all this too.) Then I would need to program the module to take out the frequencies in the room that the sound engineer provided via his test results.

Well it comes down to about $5,000-$6,000 worth of test and equipment.

So, like I said before, you sacrifice sound quality for the visual aspects of the room.

The view from my table.

FOB, John giving his thank you speech.

After the first coarse our best man, Drew and maid of honor, Cecilia gave their toats.

Cake cutting ceremony.

F/D Dance

M/S Dance

Live, Laugh, Love and Dance the night away.

Photographer: Yuan Tsur
Caterer: Raina

Intro: Live Your Live - T.I.
Michigan Fight Song
1st dance: Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis
Cake: How Sweet It Is - M. Buble
F/D: My Girl - Temptations
M/S: In My Life - Beatles

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