Thursday, December 30, 2010

Testimonial - Jen & Brian

"Hi Jeremy,

While a more formal note is (at last) on its way to you, we also wanted to write with something that you can share with other brides and grooms who may be as lucky as we were to find you.

Our wedding day celebration exceeded our expectations, from start to finish. And this truly would not have been possible without you. From the very first (long!) phone call with Brian on from Massachusetts, you in Pennsylvania, and me in New York, we felt so comfortable (and relieved) that we found you. A penultimate professional, you very clearly described your philosophy and style - tasteful, elegant, FUN - and we knew we were putting ourselves - and our guests - in good hands. Throughout the planning process, you reinforced that first impression over and over again. You gave us room to shape the reception to reflect who we are and what we envisioned, but you also offered great feedback and recommendations in the places we got stuck. Your level of organization and regular communication gave us such great confidence, and we were so impressed by your willingness to touch base with the caterer, florist, photographers (so glad we could reunite you with the Sandersons!) to coordinate the evening. We loved how you and Heather greeted us as soon as we arrived, and then jumped right in to set the mood for our arriving guests. The cocktail and dinner hour was superb - actually the whole night was a fabulous mix of favorites - old and new - that had everyone dancing (My brother posted some very incriminating YouTube video of my dad's patented dance moves!) One example of your impressive attention to detail was your foresight to line up a second anniversary dance song, which was clearly necessary when we had couples still going strong after our selection had played through. Another was your read of the crowd at the end of the night and ability to make a call to send everyone home on a high - the spontaneous circle hug as we swayed and sang Piano Man was such a great way to go out. I can't tell you how many of our friends and family raved about the music and requested the playlist - we'd love to have it for ourselves if it's something you'll share. It was also such a bonus to be able to revisit the night with the great photos - you're a man of many talents - you posted on your blog. (We'd love copies of those too!) We will gladly sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

Thanks so much for being a part of our celebration, and for making us feel like you were glad to be there too!

Best wishes to you and Heather for a wonderful holiday season and continued success in 2011. You deserve it!"

Jen & Brian


  1. Wow, as I browse through your blog your pictures certainly all depict elegance. These are some amazing shots and locations! Even your blog banner draws your eyes to attention.

    Job well done ...

    Madison Wedding DJs

  2. Thanks for the props Jeff.

    I'm just started editing my own pictures to make the blog look better.