Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kevin & Jenessa- July 25, 2015 @ The Pennsylvanian

Location: The Pennsylvanian, Pittsburgh.

Today's wedding was a very small family affair. Less than 80 guests.

This was my first time doing the Up-Lights at The Pennsylvanian. I was a tad bit nervous, but wow, did it look good!

The cool thing about having all the uplights battery powered is I don't have to worry about where power outlets are. I put on inside the old water fountain in the corners of the room. This is the effect if gave... Stunning.


Another neat thing about the uplights, is I can change the color of the lights with my computer.
So i did a Fuchsia and Red to see what it looked like.


Thanks for a wonderful day Kevin and Jen!

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