Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kendra & Rob - April 28, 2018 @ Omni William Penn

Location: Omni William Penn Hotel - Bob Hope Room

I love the ceilings in this room and the hall right outside. You do not see this kind of work anymore.

Kendra's Fathers giving their toasts.

MOH and BM toasts.

After Dinner, we did the cake ceremony.


F/D Dances.

M/S Dance.

1st Dance.

Live, Laugh, Love and dance Your Night Away.

Intro: K&R - Crazy In Love - Beyonce
Cake: Love You Madly - Cake
F/D1: Be Ever Wonderful - Earth, Wind, Fire
F/D2: The Way You Look Tonight -Franky
M/S: Lovely Day - Bill Withers
1st Dance: Fly Me To The Moon - Franky

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Shayna & Vic - April 21, 2018 @ Heinz History Center

Location: Heinz History Center




1st Dance!

Cake Ceremony.

Shayna's Father, Jerry giving the welcome toast.

MOH and BM Toasts.


M/S and F/D Dance.

Live, Laugh, Love and Dance Your Night Away.

Parents: Treasure - bruno Mars
Wedding Party: Tonight - Neo
S&V: Love On Top - Beyonce
1st Dance: Better Place - Rachel Platton
Cake: Just the way you are: Bruono Mars
M/S: Stand by Me - Ben King
F/D: A daughter's Love into Uptown Funk