Saturday, July 28, 2018

Michelle & Joe - July 28, 2018 @ Sheraton Station Sq.

Location: Sheraton Station Sq. Pittsburgh, PA


Cookie table!

Michelle and Joe's first dance. 


Michelle's fathers toast.

BM and MOH toasts.

Cake Ceremony.


F/D and M/S Dances.

Live, Laugh, Love and Dance Your Night Away.

Intro: Parents - December '63
Wedding pArty: Summer - C. Harris
M&J: Down - Jay Sean
1st dance: I get To Love You - Ruelle
F/D Dance: My Girl
M/S Dance: The Man You've Become - Molly Pasutti

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mara & Phillip - July 21,2018 @ The Pennsylvanian

Location: The Pennsylvanian. 

Another wonderful CENTERED DANCE FLOOR at The Pennsylvanian.


 Mara's father giving the first toast.

MOH and B toasts.

Cake Ceremony


M/S and F/D Dances.

Mara & Phillips first dance.


I've been DJing for years and this was a first. Chinese Lion Dance.

Live, Laugh, Love and Dance Your Night Away

Intro: Just Mara and Philip - Crazy In Love - Beyonce
Cake: Marry You - Bruno
F/D Dance: You'll Be In My Heart - Kenny Loggins
M/S Dance: baby Mine - Alison Krauss
1st Dance: Katawaredoki - Radwimps
Last Song: Everlasting Love - Natalie Cole