Saturday, August 25, 2018

Elizabeth & Jason - Aug. 25, 2018 @ The Pennsylvanian

Location: The Pennsylvanian

Yes there were guest at this wedding. Yes there was lots of dancing. Yes, my  memory card in my camera malfunctioned and all I have is setup pictures.  :(

Elizabeth Shared her photographer, Jenna Hidinger Photos with me so I can prove there were people there. LOL All photographs from here down are Jenna's

And that is what a wedding speaker setup should look like. 


Elizabeth and Jason's intro.

MOH and Bm toasts.

1st dance.

F/D and M/S Dances.


Live, Laugh, Love and dance the Night Away.

F/D Dance: What A Wonderful World
M/S Dance: Shake You Down
1st Dance: If I Ain't Got You

Venue Contact: Megan & Dana
Photographer: Jenna Hidinger
PhotoBooth - Lux Photo Booth

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Matt & kelsey - Aug. 11, 2018 @ Omni bedford Springs

Location: Omni Bedford Springs Resort.


Matt & Kelsy's first dance.

Kelsey's fathers, Perry and Daniel giving their toasts.

Matron of honor and BM Toasts.

Cake Ceremony

F/D and M/S dance. 

Second F/D dance and Matt/ Kelsy's thank you toast. 

Live, Laugh, Love and Dance Your Night Away.

Parents: Trumpets - JasonD. 
Wedding Party: Touch The Sky - K. West
K&M: Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown
1st Dance: Custom edit of - No One Knows Me - Sampha
1st F/D Dance: Sweet Child O'Mine - Russel Joe
M/S Dance: The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli
2nd F/D Dance: The Way You Look Tonight -Franky