Saturday, June 29, 2019

Marco & Kirsten - June 29, 2019 @ Carnegie Museum

Location: Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh PA

Marco and Kiersten's First dance.


Kirsten's father giving the welcome

BM and MOH toasts. 

Man, look at this cake!


F/D and M/S dances.

Live, Laugh, Love and Dance Your Night Away.

Parents:  I Got You - James Brown
Wedding Party: Bring Em' Out - T.I.
M&K: Crazy in Love - Beyonce
1st Dance:Custom Mix
Cake: Sugar - Maroon 5
F/D Dance: Can You Feel The Love - Custom Mix
M/S Dance: Stand By Me - Custom Mix

Friday, June 28, 2019

Brian & Tessa - June 28, 2019 @ Pitt Field Club

Location: Pittsburgh Field Club

Frist... Look at this cookie table!



Brian and Tessa's First dance.


Tessa's father, Frank.

MOH and BM toasts.

F/D dance.

Live,Laugh, Love and Dance Your Night Away.


Intro Songs:
Parents: Gonna Fly Now - Rocky Theme
Wedding Party: End of Time -Beyonce
B&T: End of Time - Beyonce
1st Dance: When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole
Cake: Smiling - Louis Prima
F/D Dance: Father and Daughter - Paul Simon